computing outcomeStudent will be able to develop algorithms and implement them using an appropriate computer language and will understand algorithmic complexity and reasonable versus unreasonable algorithms.


What our students say about the Computing Outcome:

“In our introductory computing class, my service learning project connected me to real-world situations.  I’m still proud of the code I wrote because it was the first time I applied my new computing skills towards a real-world problem.  Even after solving the problem with coding, I also learned about how I could have solved the problem with more efficient code.  That thought process is one I use often in academia, industry, and at home.”

“In computing, you recognize at the very beginning that there are many ways to do something.  But there are also more logical ways to do something.  While there are multiple ways to write code and get to the final outcome, there are certain ways that make more sense.”   



Assessment Reports

Gen Ed Computing Outcome Assessment Report 2021-2022

Gen Ed Computing Outcome Assessment Report 2023-2024