Spring 2018 Career and Salary Data Now Available

The Office of Academic Effectiveness is pleased to announce that the Career and Salary Survey now includes data for BS and MS graduates through Spring 2018. The survey was administered online to 3,438 BS- and MS-level students who were scheduled to graduate in Spring 2018.

A total of 1,459 students completed the survey, for a response rate of 42.4%. The BS response rate was 53.1%, while the MS response rate was 25.9%. The survey results are representative of the GT graduating population for each degree level by sex, ethnicity, and citizenship. BS Graduates are representative by college, while Computing is under-represented among MS graduates

Highlights from the Spring 2018 Career and Salary Survey data:

  • The percentage of job-seeking Georgia Tech BS recipients who reported having a job at graduation was 78.3%, making this the third Spring in a row with a placement rate over 75%.
  • Placement among job-seeking Master’s degree recipients continues a five-year rising trend, with placement at 81.6% in 2018.
  • Median reported salaries for Georgia Tech graduates increases slightly, to $70,500 for BS recipients in Spring 2018.
  • For MS recipients, median salaries continue to grow, reaching $100,000 for Spring 2018 Graduates.
  • Of the Georgia Tech BS graduates, 20.5% plan to pursue further education in the coming year.
  • Over 85% of GT students who responded to the Career and Salary survey remained certain they would select Georgia Tech again to attend college. A similar proportion of GT student respondents would recommend their program to future students who wanted to major in their field.

Additional results from the survey are available in the survey data warehouse: < www.adors.gatech.edu >.  Students and the public may access the salary reports at:  < http://b.gatech.edu/1Tsp67O >.

If you have any questions about these data, contact Joe Ludlum at < joe.ludlum@gatech.edu >.