Survey of Earned Doctorates – AY 2016 data now available

The Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) results in ADORs has been updated to include data from AY 2016.  A total of 524 students responded to the survey this year, representing 98.6% of doctoral degrees awarded during that period.

Among the general findings of the survey:

  • For those seeking employment after graduation (including postdocs), 61.8% reported having a job, either returning to existing employment, or with a commitment or contract.  An additional 15.1% were in contract negotiations at that time.
  • 47.0% of 2016 Doctorates who were “placed” at the time of the survey went into industry, and 30.8% were working at a higher education institution (college, university or medical school; US or foreign).  Another 11.7% were working for a university-affiliated research institute.
  • About 31.9% of 2016 grads were entering postdoc positions. This is up significantly from 2015 (24.4%) – closer to the 30% reported in previous years.

Detailed results are available for viewing or download at < >.

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